Prenatal/ Postnatal/ Vinyasa Yoga

Online Pregnancy yoga course in English on ZOOM Starts on Thursday January 7th Kl 17:30 to 18:45.

Four consecutive 75 min classes/ 500kr (swish amount to: 123 407 5818), confirm attendance by email:

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YOGA PRENATAL EN FRANÇAIS: A partir du 17 Janvier, tous les samedis de 13:30 a KL 15:00

5 cours consécutifs/ 1200kr Envoyer le paiement par swish: 123 407 5818

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My take on yoga:

In my experience, yoga is a healing practice which gives us the tools to be at ease in our bodies, minds and life.

It is a powerful form of mind-body medicine aimed at developing a more conscious relationship with oneself. My goal is to help you experience this for yourself and I have trained with different lineages to be able to offer a well rounded approach to those who see my guidance.

Here’s how I can help you:

If you’re pregnant and want to enjoy your pregnancy and have support in adapting to all the changes you’re going through on all levels:

Prenatal yoga (Certified by Uma Dinsmore Tuli through the independent yoga network, UK).

If you’re into challenging yourself and want to use your practice like a breathing moving meditation:

– Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (Certified by Authorized teacher Clayton Horton, USA)

Prana Vashya dynamic yoga ( Certified By Yogacharya Vinay Kumar, Mysore, India)

If you like to balance postural practice with relaxation and like a slower pace:

Sivananda hatha yoga (Certified by Sivananda yoga school, India) 

 In my yoga classes I adapt the style and intensity of the practice to your needs.

 Yoga is a rich and diverse practice and I believe that there is a practice suited to each individual.

If you wish to find out more about how we can work together in a private class setting, contact me via phone or email at: 0763 093822 /

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