Thai Yoga Massage

Thaï yoga massage workshops:


I offer Thaï massage workshops for those who wish to learn a simple and effective way to care for themselves and their friends. As an experienced bodyworker and osteopath, I guide you in a safe and mindful way to help you learn the basics of this Eastern approach to wellness.

You will learn how to release stress and tension from your partner’s body while practicing a moving meditation.

Thaï Yoga massage is a branch of traditional Thaï medicine and aims at restoring health by using deep stretching, pressure points on energy (sen) lines and rhythmic movement in a spirit of loving-kindness. 

It is practiced fully clothed on a mat and follows a routine from feet to head. A Thaï massage treatment can last up to two hours and is very thorough, going over every body part until all tensions are released and the body feels re-energised.

You can contact me through the Kontakt section to find out more about upcoming workshops.