Massage therapy

Osteoyoga Massage therapy and OsteoThaï treatments:

Osteoyoga Signature Massage: 60 mins/ 850KR, 90 mins 1250kr

Experience a deeply therapeutic oil massage with the Osteoyoga signature treatment.

This oil massage can be tailored to your needs and combines elements of the Svensk Klassisk massage with Osteopathy and Eastern styles of bodywork. This treatment allows you to truly let go in the trusted hands of a healthcare practitioner. 

OsteoThaï Treatment: 90 mins/ 1250kr

This treatment is practiced on a mat, wearing comfortable clothes. The OsteoThaï approach is a unique combination of osteopathy and Thaï yoga massage. It uses deep stretching, pressure points and mobilisation of joints applied with the knowledgeable and refined osteopathic touch. This will take you into a deep state of relaxation while increasing your overall mobility and well being. This treatment is one of a kind for re-energising your body and refreshing your mind all at once.

Deep rest massage
60 mins/ 850kr

This oil massage uses gentle pressure, long brushing strokes, rocking and shaking. This treatment is deeply rejuvenating and allows complete relaxation by calming down the nervous system.

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