Rebozo Ritual and Massages

  • Rituals and massages: Rebozo, prenatal massage, Hot stone massage. (All treatments are eligible for the friskvård bidrag).


The Rebozo ritual: Price 2950 Kr for 2,5 hours (currently only offered as a home visit)

I offer the Rebozo Ritual in partnership with my Doula colleague Sylvie Renard. We will both be present for the whole ceremony and will hold space for you, massage you and close the bones with the rebozo together.

This treatment is an invitation to reconnect to yourself after giving birth.

This ritual is a safe space to talk, be heard and healed. It combines a “closing of the bones” using  traditional Mexican rebozo scarves, and a four hand hot stone massage To make the new mother feel healed and celebrated.

 This session includes: 

  • An opening, detoxing and warming herbal tea
  • Sharing on the period of conception, pregnancy, delivery and the first maternity period with the newborn. We will also talk about your expectations, what you would like to gain from and let go of during the ritual.
  • Four hand Hot stone massage with warm coconut oil.
  • Closing the body in seven steps with the use of the Rebozos (woven cotton scarves)
  • Tarot card draw.
  • Sharing the experience of the ritual.

 This ceremony can be seen as a rite of passage, which we can do at any time of our lives that marks a transition.

Please bring:

A bathrobe

Comfortable clothes and warm socks

Something that symbolizes the period of pregnancy and/or birth

General info about the Rebozo ritual: During conception, pregnancy, and birth, a woman’s body opens physically and energetically, to receive a new being into this world. This opening process is necessary and beautiful, to welcome our newborn with an open heart and open mind and to connect to each other on the deepest level (as the baby is naturally just as open as the mother).

The Rebozo Closing Ritual, originating from Mexico is traditionally given 40 days after giving birth. It helps the new mother to close the period of pregnancy and birth, as she slowly starts to move back into the world. It marks the transition from a woman into a mother and is a true treat for the new mama as she takes her first steps within her new reality. 

The ceremony can also be truly healing after abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth. 


Hot stone massage: 75 mins, 1100 KR (add a minimum of 300kr to receive this treatment at home)

Originally from Hawaii, this deeply healing, grounding and rejuvenating massage is suitable for new mothers feeling depleted after giving birth. The heat of the  basalt (lava) stones combined with gentle massage techniques to soothe sore muscles and nurture the body make this treatment a perfect postpartum treat. This massage is performed using warm coconut oil and essential oils.

Pregnancy massage: 60 mins, 850 KR (add a minimum of 300 KR to receive this treatment at home)

 This massage is performed using a pregnancy pillow which allows to lay face down comfortably. Based on the classical Swedish massage routine, this treatment relieves pregnancy related symptoms such as back pain, poor circulation in the legs, neck and shoulder tension. This massage can be customised to suit the client’s needs and is performed using unscented oil with optional pregnancy friendly essential oils.