Crowning mammas Doula services

I created Crowning mammas to educate, support and empower women through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. I believe Motherhood to be the greatest transformation a woman can go through in her lifetime and am honoured to help women feel safe, seen and informed. My goal is to provide a happy, healthy outcome for mother and baby.

If you would like to discuss hiring me as a Doula you can reach me by phone: 0763093822

Doula packages: Each Doula package includes a first meeting free of charge via ZOOM to discuss whether we are a good fit. All doula packages are eligible for the friskvård bidrag.

 Doula package: 12500KR 

At the moment, I only offer in person doula services in French in partnership with my colleague Sylvie Renard. This means that we will both meet you and your partner before the birth and that either one of us will be present at your birth depending on when your labour starts.

This package includes:

  • Two birth preparation sessions including the physiology of birth, an overview of pain relief options,  an introduction or review of the föda utan rädsla method (4 tools) for you and your partner. Birthing positions, massage techniques for your partner and tools to support you.
  • On call for the two weeks preceding your due date (Vanina) and for two weeks after the due date (Sylvie).
  • Availability via text/whatsapp/email to answer questions.
  • Continuous support throughout labour and childbirth.
  • One postnatal visit to see how you are doing and support you according to your needs.

Virtual Doula package 7000KR includes all of the above via zoom, whatsapp, email and text.

Postpartum Doula package 5000KR includes:

3 postpartum visits(up to 2hours per visit) during which we can cover topics related to self-care / baby care/ breastfeeding and include practical support around the house, with other children or any other specific needs you may have.

 For more general information about Doulas, please read below:

  1. What is a Doula? What does a Doula do?

  • Doula: A woman who gives support, help and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after childbirth (Oxford English Dictionary).

  • A “ three legged stool” underpins our work: Practical, emotional and informational support. 

  • Practically we hold you up through contractions, massage your back, teach your partner how to best help you through labour. We take your baby for a walk so that you can sleep, we clean, we cook, we entertain children, we sit with you while you master breastfeeding… 

  • Emotionally we comfort and nurture you so that you can focus your energies on loving and caring for your baby. We listen to your expectations and needs, we help you work through your fears and give you tools so that you can feel in control of your emotions. 

  • We also provide information about books, websites, resources that you can use to get ready for birth and parenting. We support you through the process of informed decision making.

  1. Why should I get a Doula?

  • Birth Doula support: If you are anxious about giving birth for the first time/ You don’t have friends or family nearby and therefore no support network/ You are a single mother in need of practical support/You are hoping for a natural birth of twins or planning for a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)/ Because your partner is terrified and needs someone to keep him calm and allow him to come and go during the birth/ You are dealing with trauma from a past experience/ because it feels right to have a female companion.

  • Postnatal Doula support: Life feels tiring and overwhelming and you need someone who can help/ You need to sleep and talk about how you feel/ You’ve had a C-section and need practical help so you can recover/You want a “teacher” to help you take care of your newborn/You’ve got twins!/ You are suffering from postnatal depression or you had it last time and want to avoid it/ Because you are missing a mother or sister figure/ The transition to motherhood is challenging your sense of identity/ Because you are super anxious about caring for a new baby.